Monday, June 27, 2016

Camping In India-The Most Scenic Locations

If the thought of visiting India and living out of a backpack for days, singing around a bonfire with friends and family, and spending a night under the starry skies is your idea of an Indian holiday, then you'll likely love camping. 

There is no lovelier way to enjoy the outdoors —whether it’s bird watching, trekking, or simply lying back to soak in the scenery. 

Here are eight of the best camp India sites:

1. Bhandardara

This hill station is a three-hour drive away from the city of Mumbai and is an excellent spot to camp at. Above sea level, the atmosphere is clean and clear, and the waterfalls and greenery are just simply heavenly. The lakes offer a refreshing swim, and you'll be able to set up your tent close to the water. 

2. Ladakh

If you're looking for a camping experience that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Ladakh is your choice. It has a clear view of the Himalayas, vast pockets of skies and lakes; it is truly wondrous. 

The finest spots to camp are the West Ladakh Camp, Tsomoriri Lake or at the Mystic Sangla Valley. Whichever one you pick, be prepared for flocks of migratory birds, stunning sunsets and breath-taking natural beauty. 

3. Nainital

This is a popular hill stations located at the foothills of the Himalayas, it's known for its natural beauty, stunning weather and its shimmering lake. This lake district is readily reachable by road or train and is quite well linked. Travel along the shores of its lake and enjoy its clean air.

4. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is accessible through Jodhpur from any major city and is in the center of Rajasthan. Bask in a sense of wonder as you take in the raw beauty and nature of this region. Jaisalmer is also called the gold city and is full of history with buildings and persevered palaces. 

5. Goa

There aren't that many areas in India as enjoyable and relaxing as Goa. Traveling through Goa is an excellent way to enjoy a camping or outdoor holiday. It's a location renowned for its beaches, celebrations, food and culture. Camping near the shore is a great experience as you listen to the sound of the waves, and stare at the heavens. 

6. Coorg

Called the Scotland of India as a result of likeness in weather, Coorg is a quiet mountainous area in the southwest of Kerala that's readily reachable from Mangalore or Bangalore. Its numerous trekking courses offer breath-taking views of the Western Ghats. 

7. Rishikesh

Next to the holy banks of the River Ganges is the religious town of Rishikesh. River trekking and rafting make up only several of the many sights that are to be seen at Rishikesh. Pick up a canvas tent and soak in the stars, warmth and familiarity of a camp fire. 

8. Munnar

Munnar is scenic with undulating slopes that are carpeted with tea gardens. It’s considered one of the finest trekking destinations in South India. Trekking through these woods that are lush with greenery is a great experience as you can visit one camping area after the other.

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