Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Application Process of Volunteer in South Africa by Invasion Group

Volunteer in South Africa program is launched by invasion group which is already famous for travel and invasion packages. The program requires you to train the kids in South Africa in sports skills. You do not need to be highly qualified or trained for any sports skills to apply for this opportunity.

This is designed to help the kids to get motivated towards the sports and healthy activities. All you need to have is willingness to be with kids and help them improve their skills.

If you want to become a volunteer in South Africa in this summer, you need to register through an online application available on the internet.

While submitting a form, make sure that it is completely filled and no question is left blank. Write your answers in such a way that it portrays your desire of being the part of team and highlight your skills and strengths.

Your application is going to decide whether you proceed to the next step or not. Once your application gets shortlisted, you will be called for the interview where your skills and availability will be discussed.

All the terms and processes will be discussed in that. Once you agree, you will need to pay £200. This will confirm your seat in the project so you do not lose it.

Once the project details are discussed and you agree on them. A complete pack of information booklet and kit will be sent to you. You will need to pay the rest of the payment. This payment will be charged one month before the departure.

Once you pay the complete amount and it is received, you will be notified of your departure date. Now all you need to do is to fly to South Africa and become a volunteer there. 

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