Friday, March 21, 2014

What is Amsterdam Beer Bike?

Amsterdam beer bike is increasing in its popularity because of several of its thrilling and exciting features. But what exactly this vehicle is?

As the name implies, a beer bike is a vehicle which allows two things together; first is the bicycling and second is drinking of alcohol beverages. These are also referred as pub cycle, beer bike, party bike and similar names.

This type of vehicle is especially constructed by keeping in view multiple things, which includes:

Sitting Arrangement
It is done in a sociable manner to increase the chances of interactions for the peddlers. An arrangement is done for persons ranging from 8 to 18 persons who are sitting in front of one another so that more interaction chances can be availed.
This is as similar to sitting in a meeting on a table.

An Unforgettable Feature
If we have named this vehicle as pub cycle than how can we forget about the alcohol? An Amsterdam beer bike is especially constructed to have a tank that can be filled up to 30 liters of wine, beer or other beverages.

Thus it gives a greater opportunity for peddlers to have those beverages without having a concern that it will be ended.

Who steers the vehicle?
Now here it is a real concern that if everyone is sitting by having their direction in front of one another and are drinking their favorite beverages than who is steering the vehicle?

The answer is that a dedicated driver is there on the steering so that the beer bike tour may be completed as per the beer bike track settled for this purpose.

Weather protection
While constructing it, another consideration is made to protect the riders from rain and sun light so that they may be protected from weather affects and can enjoy their ride without having these concerns.