Monday, June 9, 2014

Types of Summer Camp Jobs

When we think about joining summer camp America or working at a summer camp, we want to work as a camp counselor. But in real there are many other interesting positions as well.
Which are listed below:

Summer Camp Jobs
Summer Camp Jobs

1.     Counselors

Job Responsibilities:

Counselors supervise the children and take them through the daily tasks and activities. They involve and assist the kids in different activities like sailing, boating, swimming, making a bonfire etc. counselors resolves the conflicts and come up with solutions.

They make a connection between the camp director, campers, parents of the kids and other staff members. They keep an eye on the kids and examine their mental and physical condition.

Job Requirements:

a) This position requires
b) Experience dealing with kids.
c) Good communication skills.
d) Patience.
e) Problem solving attitude.
f) Energetic personality.

2.     Activity Assistants

Job responsibilities:

Activity Assistants assists the specialists during different activities like drama, art, music and other camping activities.

3.     Waterfront Directors

Job responsibilities:

Waterfront Directors supervise all the water related activities like sailing, boating, diving, surfing, swimming. They ensure the safety of the kids and act as the life guards and swimming instructors.

Job requirements:

a) This job requires lifesaving certificates.
b). swim instruction.
c). CPR
d). past experience in pool and waterfront environments.

4.     Head Cooks and Food Service Managers

Job Responsibilities

Following are the core responsibilities of Head Cooks and Food Service Managers
a) to plan meals.
b) to order food.
c) to prepare meals.
d) to supervise other kitchen staff.
e) to hires kitchen staff.
f) to help organization food.
g) responsible for the food distribution.
h) to help the other staff in cleaning the kitchen area.
i) responsible for the leftovers.

5.     Nurses and Health Career Managers

Job responsibilities

a) Nursing Staff or the Healthcare Managers check campers and arrange/collect information about the children during camping.
b) the health care managers train their staff regarding how to treat the ill or sick campers?
c) they also monitor the cleanliness and sanitary conditions at the camp.

Job requirements

a) The desired person should have had a medical background.
b) nursing certificates.
c) medical students can also apply.

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